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Sunday 7th March 2021  

A child fatally scalded

Loughborough Herald - 2nd March 1899

A child fatally scalded

A inquest was held on Thursday evening, at the White Hart Inn, Quorn, before Mr H J Deane, the deputy coroner, touching the death of Fredk. James Willey, the two-year-old child of George Willey, hosiery hand, Barrow Lane.

The evidence was that on Monday evening the elder sister of the deceased, Edith Rebecca, aged nine, fetched a ladle full of hot water from the boiler in the living room to wash up with. As she was going through the kitchen door, the little child ran at her, and the water was spilt over his neck and chest. Mrs Willey, hearing the cry, found he was scaled, and, cutting the clothes off , dressed the wounds with linseed oil. The village nurse attended the child, but as he got worse on Tuesday, the doctor was sent for.

Mr C Maloney, assistant to Dr Unitt, attended the child up to the time of his death, on Wednesday afternoon. A verdict of death from shock, the result of accidental scalding, was retuned.

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