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Monday 8th March 2021  

Four generations at Quorn - The Kinch family

Loughborough Echo 29th April 1938

An interesting family gathering was held last week at Quorn, when Mrs. Thomas Kinch, of Village Hall Cottages, with her son, grandson and great-grandson, with other relatives, met to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Though she has lived for some years in retirement, Mrs. Hepzibah Kinch was for 28 years well known as landlady of the “King William IV,” which was kept by her husband until 1893, he having succeeded his father, and her son, Mr. Joe Kinch having succeeded her for 16 years.

The date when the Kinch family first occupied this old-fashioned hostelry is not accurately known, but it is supposed to have been roughly 1870, so that the three generations were there for 60 years. Mrs. Kinch kept a firm hand on her customers, and no one who had had enough to drink, in her estimation, was given any more; neither did she tolerate “language.”

Mr. Thomas Kinch departed this life over 40 years ago, and his widow lives with her daughter, Mrs. Long, and family, her other married children, with their children, all being in touch with her.

She is in good health and takes the greatest interest in her grandchildren and especially in her great-grandson, John Reginald Kinch of Rothley, with whom she was recently photographed.

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