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Thursday 2nd July 2020  

Quorn takes Loughboro gas - Mayor starts supply - An important event

Loughborough Echo 28th January 1938

An important event in the history of the Loughborough Corporation Gas Department took place at noon yesterday, when the Quorn and Mountsorrel area received its first supply of Loughborough-made gas.

The occasion was marked by a ceremony, at which the Mayor Loughborough (Ald. Arthur Lacey) turned the throttle valve of a newly-installed rotary stem compressor, which sent the first of many “therms” through to Quorn and Mountsorrel.

In the presence of a small company of members of the Gas and Electricity Committee) said that they met at the suggestion of the Gas Engineer and Manager, on an important occasion in the career of the Gas Department – the turning on and supplying of gas to Quorn. The credit for the inception of the scheme must in no small measure be given to one or two of the members of the committee.

He mentioned the great part played by the former Engineer, Mr. Raymond Prince, also the Town Clerk, and last but not least, Mr. Alan Moss, former chairman of the committee. It was undoubtedly due to their foresight that they were to-day sending the first supply to Quorn and Mountsorrel.

In conclusion, he asked the Mayor formally to turn on the supply.

The Mayor, after accomplishing this, said that he appreciated the honour. He could only hope that in inaugurating the system it would prove beneficial both to the inhabitants of the Quorn area and also the Loughborough Gas and Electricity Undertaking.

Loughborough Corporation formally took over the Quorn Gas Co. several weeks ago, the transfer being made after nearly two years of negotiation. The total cost of the acquisition was between £40,000 and £50,000.

In addition to supplying Quorn and Mountsorrel, Loughborough consumers on the low pressure mains will be benefited by increased pressure.

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