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Saturday 4th July 2020  

All-night lighting at Quorn - 1958

Loughborough Echo - 9th May 1958

Quorn is on the verge of having all-night lighting on a general scale. At present only the lamp on the Cross stays on after the other lights go out.

At the meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday it was learnt that the confirmation had been received from the East Midlands Electricity Board that 10 lights could be kept on all night for 30 per annum - 3 each. The matter was referred to the Estates Committee for members to select which lights should be kept on.

Mr W S Green (chairman) said he was of the opinion that it was not necessary for as many as 10 lamps to be kept on. However, Mr Peter Brookman pointed out that this figure had been decided on so that, as far as possible, the village's bus stops could be illuminated.

A letter had been received from Mr J L Field, secretary of Quorn F.C thanking the Council for allowing the club's "A" XI to use the Stafford Orchard for its home matches during the past season. Mr Field said that as this eleven were runners-up in Division 3 of the Loughborough and District Amateur Alliance, the club would obviously run a third team again and would like the use of Stafford Orchard. He stressed that next term the position of the pitch would have to be altered or the goal areas re-turfed. The matter was referred to the Estates Committee.

It was agreed to give permission to the Quorn group of the Friends of Markfield to use the Stafford Orchard for a six-a-side soccer tournament in June. A series of matches will be played, culminating in the final on June 7th on which day the group is holding a carnival. The preliminary matches will be played on two other evenings.

Present: Messrs W S Green (chairman), W Swinfield, P Brookman, P Selvester, D Stirling, J Emerson, A Smith, E C Russ and Hillier Northage (clerk).

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