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Tuesday 26th May 2020  

Sydney the postman - a lie-in at last

Loughborough Monitor - 22nd October 1971

These days Sydney Foulds can have a lie-in any morning he likes. After 42 years as a postman, he and his early morning alarm clock have retired.

"But I've enjoyed every minute of my work," he told Quorn villagers on Friday. "People on my round have been marvellous to me."

They showed their affection for Mr Foulds by presenting him with a cheque for 130 to go with his Imperial Service Medal, handed over by Leicester's head postmaster mr A H Peake. He retired two months ago after 42 years' service, 33 of them spent as Quorn's village postman. His father, George, was postman before him at Woodhouse Eaves and Quorn, and his brother Thomas is still the village postman at Woodhouse Eaves.

Mr Foulds, who lives at 9 Unitt Road, Quorn, joined as an auxiliary postman in 1929 and reckons he has travelled 50,000 miles delivering mail. Out in all weathers he recalled a winter day in Quorn when there was 24 degrees of frost. By the time he returned to the post office he really needed the glass of brandy the postmaster offered him.

The caption to the photograph reads: "Pictured at the presentation, left to right, Mr C J Tatham, chairman of Barrow-on-Soar Rural Council; Mr S Foulds, Mr A H Peake, Head Postmaster, Leicester; and Mr R Bloore, sub-postmaster at Quorn."

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