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Wednesday 3rd June 2020  

Postcard of Rawlins from the Church tower

This photograph was taken from the top of the Church tower, looking towards Rawlins, before the Farnham Memorial Hall was built (1939) and the Church Rooms (1929). The buildings in the main part of the picture all still exist.

The publisher is H B Cooper, 15 Abbey Park Rd, Leicester. Judging from the stamp and content, it was sent during the first world war (1914 to 1918).

The postcard is addressed to Mrs Brown, 79 Upper Kent St, Leics. The message is:
C/o Mr Dexter, Vine Cottage, Castledine St
Have arrived here & think we shall be comfortable. Jack
4 motors with wounded soldiers just gone through

Having stood on top of the Church tower and taken a photograph from a similar angle, the picture is unrecognisable. Not only have the Church Rooms, the Farnham Memorial Hall and many other school buildings been built, the number and size of surrounding trees has increased enormously. It is only by walking round Rawlins, that the buildings on the photograph can be recognised.
The white 'specks' to the centre and right of the picture, are children playing.

 Submitted on: 2009-06-29
 Updated on: 2009-07-30
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 123

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