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Friday 29th May 2020  

Advertisement - 1959

This is one of a series of adverts from 1959. The Hurst was originally a large house on Loughborough Road. It is now The Royal Chequers, a Chinese restaurant.

John Rudkin remembers The Hurst as a transport cafe during the 1950s and 1960s. It used to sell Esso petrol and the phone number was Quorn 41. One of John's memories of the Hurst is sitting on the wall outside, along with several other school friends bus-spotting, the road then being the main A6 trunkroad from London to Carlisle. He recalls that: "During the summer season there were many coaches coming through twice daily forming the Associated Motorways network, amongst them were Barton, Premier (Cambridge), Yelloway (Rochdale), Black and White (Cheltenham) and Hall Brothers (South Shields- later to be taken over by Barton). Another memory of the Hurst was the fridge breaking down and all the ice cream being given away! We all suddenly developed ficticous brothers and sisters!"

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