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Friday 5th June 2020  

Quorn Tug of War - 1971

Loughborough Monitor - 15th October 1971

Quorn youngsters spontaneously took over the mighty tug-of-war rope at the Farnham estate on Sunday, after watching the sweat and toil of eight teams from all over the county. Unlike the 'professionals', most of the children ended up in a heap on the grass.

Howard Williams and Tony Doherty have kindly got in touch and provided some of the names:
1 - n/k
2 - David Bradshaw
3 - n/k
4 - Tony Doherty
5 - Believed to be Gary Paget, but not certain,
6 - n/k
7 - Glen Tyler
8 - Dean Macey
9 - Graham Bonshor
10 -Andrew ('Brass')Watts or maybe his brother Tim Watts

Can you provide or confirm any more names?

 missing information Missing information: Can you provide or confirm any more names?
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