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Thursday 2nd July 2020  

War Tribunal - 1917

Loughborough Herald - 19th March 1917

(Tribunals were held locally to consider reasons for postponement of drafting into the forces)

A meeting of this tribunal was held at the Village Hall on Friday evening, Mr J D Cradock presiding. An appeal was made by a khaki equipment employee at a local firm, aged 40, passed C1, on the ground that he required further time to cultivate his allotment. One month was granted.

Another employee of the same firm, a packer's checker, aged 37, applied on the ground of an invalid wife, and also for time to cultivate his garden. Three months' conditional exemption granted.

A khaki yarn dyer, aged 39, B2, applied on similar grounds and was granted until May 31.

A baker, aged 26, married, passed for general service, applied on business grounds. He is the only help his father had in a large business. Exemption granted until a suitable substitute is found. The military representative stated his intention to appeal against this decision.

An appeal was made by a local farmer for his cowman, aged 32, B1, stating that he had the charge of 60 sheep and 32 cows. Exemption for three months or earlier if a suitable substitute is found.

A farmer's carter, aged 40, B2, married, was granted three months' conditional exemption.

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