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Friday 29th May 2020  

Quorn Mills Park Ladies' Bowling Club - 1962

Loughborough Echo - 29th June 1962

On Wednesday of last week, the Quorn Mills Park Ladies, Bowling Club celebrated their acting-president's day, when Mrs G Pick welcomed county president, Mrs George, senior vice-president Mrs MacDonald, junior vice-president Mrs Pickering, county secretary, Mrs Riley, Quorn president Mrs Marius Wright, and other county officials and visiting presidents.

A bowls drive was held, prizewinners being Mrs Mills, Mrs H Boon, Mrs Pickering and Mrs D Gamble; lowest score, Mrs Howse, Mrs Pick, Mrs Lewin, Mrs George.

Gifts were presented by Mrs Pick to Mrs George, Mrs Riley, Mrs Marius Wright and Mrs T Gamble.

The photograph shows left to right: Mrs E George, Mrs G Pick, Mrs L Lewin and Mrs T Gamble.

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