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Tuesday 26th May 2020  

George Haynes at 92yrs old - 1935

Loughborough Echo - 12th April 1935

92 years old
Mr George Haynes of Quorn still works in garden

At his cottage in Stoop-lane, Quorn, Mr George Haynes is spending an active old age. Although 92 years old, Mr Haynes tends his garden daily, and has his daily walk, as he has always done since he retired from active service on the Midland Railway, over 30 years ago, after 40 years service.

Mr Haynes does not believe in coddling himself, and even on the hottest day of summer cannot be persuaded to lie down for half-an-hour; while to take an extra hour in bed on the coldest spring day seems to him a waste of time when he might be at work in his garden, ready for his beans, etc.

Such a man does not rust out, and indeed at present, he shows little sign of wearing out. Long may he continue to work in his garden.

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