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Monday 9th December 2019  

Quorn House stables 1957

Fine horses exercising occasionally in the adjoining paddock give life to these buildings in Quorn which, of themselves, present a gloomy aspect enhanced by the heavy background of trees. They stand in the grounds of Quorn Houae, the residence of Mr E G A Farnham, and are, in fact the stables belonging to the house.

Very ancient stables once stood here, but were demolished about 70 years ago to make room for the new buildings erected by Mr Farnham's grandfather. At one time Lord Lonsdale rented the present building from Mr Farnham's great uncle when he was master of the Quorn.

The sketch is from the rear, seem from the direction of the Leicester to Loughborough road. On the front side is a tall water tower, who two enormous tanks once supplied water, by gravity feed, for the whole of the estate.

 Submitted on: 2011-01-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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