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Thursday 2nd July 2020  

Parish Council meeting - January 1941

Loughborough Echo - 17th January 1941

A Quorn problem – question of bus stop

The monthly meeting of the Quorn Parish Council was held on Tuesday, when Mr F W Bailey presided, supported by Messrs F Draper, CC., F Facer, W Swinfield, W H Bream, T C Dexter, W S Green and Hillier Northage (clerk).

The Chairman remarked that it was the first meeting of 1941 and he wished a good year to the Council. Things had been going well with them lately, and they were in a better position than last year. Complaint having been made by the Council to Messrs Barkus, whose early morning bus stopped at the Island instead of at the Meeting-street stop, Mr Barkus wrote saying that as he brought factory workers from Loughborough to Quorn at 7-40am., he stopped at the Island so that the girls did not have to cross the main road to get to the factory. Mr Dexter reminded the Council that at that time of day the island was wanted for the high road traffic; other Woodhouse buses stopped at the Meeting-street stop as ordered by the Traffic Commissioners, but Mr Barkus had not been so ordered.

After some discussion it was agreed to report the matter to the Commissioner, asking him to notify Mr Barkus that his buses must stop at the Meeting-street stop.

The Council decided to commence a register of war deaths in the village and to post the same on the British Legion’s board, with a view to supplying an official list if and when a war memorial is set up.

The question of forming a youth group in the village was discussed and it was agreed to invite the following to meet the Council and go into the matter, viz, the Rev W E Pilling, the Rev E E Attwood, Mr G Keith Thomson, Mr Mervyn Jones and the president of the Girls’ Friendly Society.

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