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Sunday 12th July 2020  

Quorn Ostler's fatal fall - death from lockjaw 1900

Loughborough Herald - 15th November 1900

An inquest was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Fox Hotel, Loughborough, before Mr H Deane, concerning the death of Joseph Goodman, an ostler, 35 years of age, of Quorn who died at the Loughborough Hospital.

William F Sheddon, landlord of the White Horse Inn at Quorn said the deceased entered his employ as ostler, in August last. On the morning of October 17th, while he was working in the yard, he fell down in a fit. Thomas North, postmaster at Quorn said he saw deceased in a fit later the same day and he had then a wound on the back of the head.

Charles E Evans, house surgeon at Loughborough Hospital, said deceased was admitted on October 29th suffering from an old scalp wound on the back of the head. The wound did not go on well, and tetanus set in, from which the deceased died about nine o’clock on Monday evening. A verdict in accordance with the doctor’s statement was returned.

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