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Saturday 4th July 2020  

Parish Council warned - ‘River Soar may change course’ - 1953

Loughborough Monitor - 10th April 1953

Parish Council Meeting

In not many years’ time there may be only a bog where the River Soar now bends at Quorn. This forecast was made by Mr D Stirling on Tuesday.

Mr Stirling was speaking at the monthly meeting of Quorn Parish Council, at which members expressed concern at the state of this year’s floods. Mr Peter Brookman pointed out that, for the first time, the floods had reached the Barrow side of the river and had joined with the gravelpit lake.

Before long, agreed the chairman (Mr E C Russ), the Quorn loop of the Soar may be completely cut away and the river change its course. Member decided not to let the matter drop and will discuss it further.

Mr Stirling also mentioned three overhanging trees in the Quorn area where were a danger to boaters. The council is to request examination of the position. Floods occupied a good deal of the discussion. After a report from the clerk that the village East Coast flood appeal fund had closed at £215, there was general agreement that the council should not make any further effort in the village for next week’s national appeal.

“I don’t think it would be fair to ask in Quorn again,” said Mr J Emerson.

Following flooding from several drains in the village, the council is to ask for inspection. Bad spots, said members, were Station Road and Barrow Road.

Other matters:-
Concern was felt at a proposal to send £800 on renovation of the village public convenience. This has been turned down however, and the council will await further developments.

The “Aces” cycle speedway team will ride again on Quorn Green, but they are to be asked not to cycle in Stafford Orchard.

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