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Saturday 6th June 2020  

Quorn floods of 1882

Birmingham Daily Post - 6th June 1882

Floods in Leicestershire
During the past three days rain has fallen heavily in Leicestershire and the central Midlands, which, although it has proved very beneficial to the crops generally, has resulted in extensive floods. The ground had become very hard and dry, and the excessive rainfall found its way with great rapidity into the streams, which overflowed their banks, and inundated the roads and meadows adjoining. In the Blaby district large tracts of land are under water, and the highways are all but impassable for vehicular traffic, the roads being under a strong current of water three or four feet deep. At Quorndon immense quantities of water were thrown from the hills of Charnwood Forest, and for miles meadows are under water to a considerable depth. The grazing stock have removed for safety.

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